I have a group Research. I responsible for 4 Question. we already wrote the proposal now is the due

I have a group Research. I responsible for 4 Question. we already wrote the proposal, now is the due date for final paper. I already highlighted my part with yellow color. I need 3 new page for total. extend my old answer . I attached the file below. You have to cover every part that I highlighted in yellow color. remeber just work on my part which is highlited in yellow What should your paper contain? A clear statement of the topic you are exploring Answers to some or all of the following questions: Why is this topic important? What is the scope of the problem or issue? Who does it affect and can you quantify it? Is there a history to this issue or problem? What is the underlying idea or philosophy? If it is a problem, has it been solved by the approach you are exploring? What does the solution involve? Resources required Has the solution been implemented? How successful has the implementation been? Has it changed the way things are done? What is the current status? Where are things going?

Which questions make sense will depend on which topic you pick. You may have to frame your own questions. The questions above are not meant to be the different sections of your reports, but they have to be addressed.

In the end, I expect your paper to deliver substantially on what you promised in your topic proposal. In the process of doing this I hope you will become experts in your chosen topic

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