I have some part number for machine programming mathematics

So first this is the website https://www.digikey.com/for components.
I have the part number and you need to read data sheet the dimensions and give me general math
Body length ,overall length ,Body width ,overall width ,Overall height .for the lead group I need
Number of lead in first group, offset X: Offset Y, Lead pitch, lead width, lead length
the part number of each with datasheet
1- DF13C-3P-1.25V(21)
2- DF13C-4P-1.25V(75)
3- DF13C-5P-1.25V(75)
4- DF13C-6P-1.25V(75)
5- DF13C-7P-1.25V(21)
1throw 5 has the same data-sheet
6- FTM-118-02-L-DV-P-TR
7- FTM-120-02-L-DV-P-TR
I will provide tip if you got me all right dimensions !