I need help forming the results section of dissertation I am doing a systematic review

this instructions are to look up several papers 4 per drug. so i’d be looking at one diazepam paroxetine and hydroxyzine in treating generalised anxiety disorder.so what i’m required to do is to look at clinical trials observe the percentage change in HAMA scores(rating scale) and then form a table comparing the percentage changes of the 3 drugs and a placebo, this table is done through spss system. then i’m required to form a bar chart showing the difference before and after treatment and showing which one is significantly better. this is the result section of my dissertation and is extremely important. the tables should be clear to read and i would need to papers used to form the results with the work so i can use it in my discussion sectionat the end of the results section you basically should be able to show which drug interventions is best. also do you have any questions you would like to ask me? also you would have to use the anova in the spss system to show the differences in the mean
the percentage change in each section should give the mean and standard deviation at the bottom when you add the percentage change in spss it should give the average change of each drug at the bottom and then you need to construct a bar chart. of a comparison between the hamilton anxiety score before and after treatment for each drug and the placebo

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