Identify and Evaluate Cybersecurity Risks

For this Assignment, you will act as a consultant hired by a small organization to develop a presentation on supporting business continuity while considering ethics, privacy concerns, and security risks. The organization requested that you base your presentation on a particular case that they have identified. This case is based on a real-world situation where the electronic voting system used by the Public Opinion Programme (POP) at the University of Hong Kong was under serious distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. In this series of case studies (A and B), you will be given the opportunity to practice identifying and assessing potential cybersecurity risks and choose risk control strategies for business continuity and disaster recovery.
This case study consists of cases A and B. Case A gives the background on POP and PopVote and allows you to explore how to identify and assess potential security risks. Case B sets the scene for risk control in information security management. It describes some unexpected situations where management will need to make immediate decisions on what they should do to control the risks.
For this week, you will prepare a 6- to 8-slide presentation (excluding title slide and reference slide). You will submit Part 1 this week and Part 2 in Week 6. In addition to the slide content, you should also include text in the speaker notes section of each slide that would serve as the script you would use to deliver this presentation to a group of people. Your speaker notes should include your rationale and assumptions that pertain to your slide. You also need to have a minimum of 3–4 citations and references to support your direction. Note: You may elect to include additional slides as part of an appendix if you have information you might reasonably assume that a CEO or upper management might want. It is not required that you do so.
To prepare for this Assignment:
Read and review the following case studies:

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