International Relations – Economic Issue Brief

Economic Issue Brief
Due: March 28th
Length: 1000 words
Assignment: Imagine that you work for an elected official. You believe in this policymaker’s skills in effecting change, but their expertise is mainly in domestic social affairs. When issues related to international economics come up, your boss turns to you for advice. You use your knowledge and resources to distill the issue at hand down to a concise brief, in which you describe the problem, assess a couple of different positions or approaches, and make your policy recommendations. It’s important that your brief is both well-researched and persuasive. Your recommendations should be based on logic and evidence, otherwise your boss will have a hard time making a decision.
This time, your boss asks you to write a brief on the impacts of the COVID pandemic on trade. Your boss wants to know which parts of the economy are being impacted and by how much. You understand that because your boss is a policymaker, they’ll also want to hear about the kinds of legislation they should support in response to the problems you identify. To write your Economic Issue Brief, you’ll have to begin with a bit of research. Utilize 2-3 reputable sources (feel free to use economic policy briefs from the government or research institutions as your sources!) and make sure to cite them using APA format at the end of your brief.
Elements of a policy brief:
Title—make sure it describes what’s in the brief, but keep it concise!
Summary—a 1-paragraph overview of what your brief contains
Description of the problem—a description of what the problem is, why it’s important, and whom it’s likely to affect
Approaches/positions—a breakdown of the choices your boss has before her. What are her options with regard to taking a position on this issue? What policy changes are being considered?
Policy recommendations—make your case! What should your elected official do?
Sources—please cite your sources using APA citation.…

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