ITS4090 The System Acquisition Strategy Project

The System Acquisition Strategy ProjectThe course project is a comprehensive assignment. Each week, you will be completing part of this assignment based on the content covered in the week.
Mobile technologies represent a significant part of today’s software market. Their pervasive nature enables experienced, as well as inexperienced, users to interact with them for accomplishing a particular task. In addition, the diffusion of the computing systems on which they run, such as smartphones or tablets, coupled with an intertwined retail method (application stores present on all devices), allows for a capillary distribution of such applications.
For this project, assume you are a programmer analyst. You are required to work with a large sporting goods company, and then utilize the knowledge acquired in the course to simulate the creation of a mobile application that your company will be able to sell to the organization.
Your company has been asked by a large sporting goods company to deliver a customer-guidance mobile application for the company. You will simulate the creation of this mobile application for them. The application should offer an interface where customers could type in what they are looking for to be guided through the store leading them to the right department or section. The application should also enable the customers to watch video demonstrations of the products available in the store, after they scan the product barcode by using a camera.
The application should contain different features, including data-driven material that should be available within the application itself, without having to rely on external data sources.
Moreover, the application should be able to suggest places in the store vicinity where customers may try certain items; for example, the application may guide the customers to archery ranges if they are interested in bows and arrows. You will add a feature that suggests apparel to the customers based on their lifestyle and something they can easily purchase through the device, without needing to go to the store.
For this project, please assume that the planning and analysis phase have already been completed. During this course, you will be required to build upon those two phases and perform the design and implementation phases. Although you are not required to create a full application by the end of this course sequence, you are welcome to do so. This project does not require you to initiate communications with the target company for the sale of the application you wish to develop. You can use the examples in your book to draft the required documentation. In addition, different tools, templates, and examples that you may utilize to create the documents will be discussed. Typically, Microsoft Word will allow you to create most (if not all) of the material to be turned in for this project. You may utilize specialized graphics software, such as Visio, to create any images or diagrams to accompany your documentation. You should assume that the project could be handled in-house, therefore, no outsourcing should be considered through the project.
Create a search tool that will bring up the location in the store of the department or item that is being searched for.The tool shall run on any Web browser
The tool shall run on an iOS or Android app
The tool shall allow for the user to create a customer account
Payment information and personal information shall be secure
The search tool shall provide an aisle number of the location in the store for the item
The interface to the tool shall operate like a search engine
One or more words can be placed into search
Wild cards can be used in search
The tool shall bring up a display to whatever is being searched as a listing
The tool shall include similar items in the same sport in the listing
The tools shall bring up locations in the store that will allow testing of the equipment.
The tool shall have the store’s archery range’s location appear when the input is bows and/or arrows.
The tool, on searching for golf balls or other golf equipment shall bring up the location of the store’s driving range.The tool shall allow the item to be purchased online,
The tool shall place all items that are clicked on to purchase into a shopping cart.
The tool shall display any associated videos for the item that exists in the database. This display shall appear as a listing of them, allowing the user to click on one to watch.
This tool shall allow the user to scan the item’s bar code or there will be another way to bring up any related video.
The tool shall display associated apparel for the sport that is being searched. The display will have a link for additional information, which will have a link for purchase, and its location in the store.

In Week 1, you will complete the following tasks along with a discussion of the architecture complete in a 4- to 6-page Microsoft Word document:
Discuss in detail the system acquisition strategy for the project
Illustrate the business need, in-house experience, project skills, project management, and time frame required by the project.
Create an alternative matrix or decision matrix. Click here for some examples.
Discuss in detail, including Visio diagrams to support your words, how the architecture is to be used in the system.
Address operational, performance, security, cultural, and political requirements for the project.

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