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MBAA 523
Written Assignment 4: Airline Product Offering
No plagiarism, APA style, at least 4 pages. Please read the attaachment

short research paper, compare and contrast a chosen LCC with a full-service airline using Doganis’ 5 key product features as a framework (price, schedule, comfort, convenience, and image). Choose one or two city-pairs served by both carriers on which to base the comparison. Summarize your findings and emphasize critical differences. Extensive data, such as the ancillary fee structure, may be best presented in a table. Discuss the passenger segment(s) targeted by each airline. Next, compare the airlines’ profit history using a common metric such as margin on total revenue. Conclude with an evaluation of each carrier’s overarching business strategy. Explain your assessment of the most profitable strategy.

Upon reading the paper, a potential passenger should have the information needed to choose between the two airlines on the selected city-pair(s). Note: Before beginning your research, ensure that the needed data are available from the airlines’ websites and other online sources.

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