Mental Illness Repercussions

Consider the notion of whether or not people are born good (and turn bad) or that they are born bad (and with time, this bad behavior emerges).
Should those criminals who have been deemed mentally ill be incarcerated for their offenses or be housed in a mental health facility? Explain.
Is it appropriate to incarcerate someone with a mental illness? Why or why not?
What would your response be to the victim or victim’s families who feel that justice has not been served by having a defendant housed in a mental health facility (instead of a prison) with the ability to have privileges not available in prison and the possibility of being released released once “cured” of their mental illness? Explain your position.
-Each response to each question must obtain at least ONE reputable source and an inserted citation.
-Your citation should be in ASA format and include internal citations where appropriate and the FULL citation at the end.

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