MN568 discussion 6 response 1

Please respond to discussion below using APA 7th edition use 3 peer reviewed journal references and 1 interactive question
Mr. Jones presents to the primary care office with complaints of sudden urgency to urinate, back pain, and frequent urination. The patient had a UA performed in the office that is positive for a urinary tract infection. Further assessment of the patient should include ruling out obstruction to the normal flow, does the patient have trouble starting a stream upon urination? Any fevers or chills? Any other past medical history? History of frequent UTI’s? Sexual history? Any pelvic pain? Penile discharge?
Differential Diagnosis
Urinary Tract Infection
The patient should have a physical exam with a focused genitourinary assessment. Including the patient’s general appearance and vital signs. Palpation and percussion of the abdomen provides information regarding the kidneys, ureter, or possible bladder inflammation (Michaels, 2020). In a male with suspected prostatitis a gentle digital rectal exam is advised to exam the prostate gland. Enlargement of the prostate can cause obstruction leading to dysuria in males (Rowe