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Module Title : Strategic Management

Assignment Question :

As a strategy consultant you have been invited by the board of directors of a company of your choice to advise them on the possibility of changing the strategy of their company. In particular they are keen to redesign their strategy along the lines of the much publicised blue ocean strategy and also consider the possibility of developing a global strategy


Task 1

Carry out a full analysis of the industry or sector in which the company is currently operating. Drawing on relevant models and using appropriate company data, critically appraise its current strategy. (800 words)

Task 2

Critically discuss the ways in which the company could shift its strategy from “Red Ocean” to “Blue Ocean”. (1500 words)

Task 3

Identify and discuss the key strategic challenges that the company should consider in developing a global strategy. (700 words)

Marking Scheme

The assignment assessment criteria and mark allocation are as follows :

Task 1 Application of tools ( PESTEL, five forces, strategic mapping, Yip’s drivers, CAGE etc) to analyse competitive data. 15% Application of strategy capabilites model and choice models to assess the current strategy. 10%

Task 2 Meaning and classification of blue ocean. 5% Implications of red ocean for the company. 5% Ways in which a blue ocean strategy could be developed using blue ocean tools and techniques. 30% Brief discussion of managing strategy development and implementation. 5% Research Skills (Use of free web-based resources such as company reports, trade association statistics and some government or supra-governmental (EU, UN) reports and statistics, the business press and journals available through BusinessSource Premier, Factiva or Proquest, and reports from organisations such as Euromonitor, Key Notes and Mintel. 5%

Task 3 Use of models to identify global strategic decisions. 15% Relationship between blue ocean and globalisation.10%

General Guidelines

The submission of your work assessment should be organized and clearly structured in a report format.

This assignment is worth 100% of the final assessment of the module.

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