MSEM-4343 fs

Professional Assignment 2 – CLO 1, CLO 2, CLO 3, CLO 7
Develop a process map for the following outdated course registration process in place at a local university. Explain your work.
Students first fill out forms listing their desired classes. They bring those completed forms to the academic advisement office, where, working with an advisor, they create a course selection document. Then, the student fills out a computer-readable form with the course and section number for all classes approved by the advisor. This form is submitted to the registration office where it is fed into a document reader, which electronically reads the completed forms; the data is then written to the master course schedule disk.
At the end of the two-week registration period, data from the master course schedule disk is fed into the master scheduling program, which assigns students to courses. The scheduling program is designed to maximize the number of students who receive their requested courses while staying within class capacity limits. Once the master scheduling program has been updated for all students, the program produces three documents: (1) individual schedules for each student, (2) initial student lists for each class, and (3) the summary schedule report for the administration.
After students receive their schedules, they are allowed to drop or add classes for a period of two weeks. To add or drop a class, a student must first obtain permission from the professor teaching the class. Once that signature is obtained on the drop/add form, the student brings the form to the computer center where the clerk enters the change into the scheduling system, which in turn updates the master course disk. The clerk then prints out a new schedule for that student. References with APA format.