need help to answer the rest 4 question of part2 (topic: Embedded Systems and Hardware Control)

Intelligent Lighting Controller (4 questions) base on the lab result attached on the lab report please help to answer 4 question below
3. What is the relationship between the current vs. light level based on the current measurements you took in section 5. Is this expected? Explain.
4. Examine your channel 1 oscilloscope screen capture from section 4. What is the observed frequency of your clock signal? Relate the value of this clock frequency to the various timing delays present in running your python code.
5. How many clock cycles need to be generated in your code from start to finish to convert a single analog voltage reading to a digital value?
6. Examine your channel 2 oscilloscope screen capture from section 4. What is the value of the first 4 bits observed in your DIO signal capture? What do those bits correspond to?
7. For the DIO signals you captured, you should be observing two different “high” voltage levels in your digital signal. Provide an explanation for why there are two different “high” voltage levels.

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