NTC/425: Networking And Security In Health Information Systems Wk 1 – Yates Community Network: Current State

You are part of the Yates Community HIT and HIE Network Upgrade Project. You have been tasked with diagraming the current Yates Community HIT network and HIE system so the team has the correct starting point for its work.
Read the Yates Community Hospital HIT and HIE Network Upgrade Project document.
Create a high-level diagram in Microsoft Visio of the Yates Community HIT network.
Include the following:
The network components
The basic data communication path between the components
How and where the components interact and exchange information
Annotations of where the network currently complies with ISO OSI, HL7, and TC215 standards, where it does not, and what changes are needed to enable compliance
Annotations of where additional hardware will be needed to support full compliance with information exchange requirements
Annotations denoting where additional standards need to be addressed
Submit your Visio file of your system diagram.

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