Organization Design and Development

Part 1 (5 marks):
Please refer to application 5.2 entitled as “Top Management Team at Ortiv Glass Corporation.” available in your textbook and answer the following:

1. Discuss why ‘strategic orientation’ is fundamental to diagnosis in OD. Demonstrate your answer using two examples from this application.
2. Describe and evaluate each of the Ortiv’s team design components:
-Goal clarity
– Task structure
– Team functioning
– Group composition
– Group norms

Part 2 (5 marks):
Please refer to figure 5.2 in your textbook (comprehensive model for diagnosing organizational system) and answer the following:
3. Provide a brief description of a hypothetical organization and explain the three key inputs (or environmental types) that affect the way such organization could be designed.
4. Propose a job position and describe each of its potential design components at the individual level.

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