Overall Research Approach

Lesson 5 Assignment: Overall Research ApproachCulminating Project Part V: Overall Research Approach and Final Product Description
Overall Research Approach: The overall research approach section includes a description of the research design that is most appropriate for the research study at hand. The choice for the research design depends on the nature of the research problem, the purpose of the study, and the research questions. Such methods may include quantitative, qualitative, or both.
Saunders et al (2016) lists the following research strategies: experiment, survey, archival and documentary research, case study, ethnography, action research, grounded theory, and narrative inquiry.
For the purpose of the doctoral project, the selected method would most likely be qualitative such as action research and may include program evaluation, training development, organizational survey development, or development and evaluation of a training manual for various teams or groups. It could also include a case study, narrative inquiry, or synthesis and analysis of existing literature relevant to the questions being studies, and so on.
This section also describes what needs to be done to achieve the goals of the project, including the description of the Product (e.g., evaluation program), participants, materials, and procedure.
For the purpose of this assignment consider the following:
Describe the overall approach to your doctoral project (e.g., inductive, deductive) and the research method/strategy you will choose (e.g., case study, organizational survey).
Provide a short description of the goals of your project and how the chosen method and strategy will address the management questions of interest.
Describe the potential product, participants, materials, and procedure.
Include references and in-text citations as appropriate.
Submit your work for evaluation and feedback
Additional Resources:
View the video, “Inductive and deductive research approaches” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QB41z6_mUxk [6:43]
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