Personal Budget and Finding

Let’s buy a house now. Please find a semi-realistic house you would like to live in on a website like Redfin and figure out howmuch you need for a down payment, closing costs and what your monthly payment will be. How much would you have to save per month and for how many years to make the house purchase a reality? Are you surprised at the number? Do you still want to buy a house? Include a link to the house listing. Assume the following: I am a college student in the United States. I earn $1280 a month, since I work part-time, and have a good credit score. I have minimal credit card and other loan debt, but I do have student loan debt. I am entering a career where I could earn $65,000 per year right away, and after a few years I could see my pay raise to the $85 – 90,000 range. I want to live anywhere in California, but it should be affordable, easy to access public transit, and have at least 2 bedrooms.