PH155 John Rawls/original position/veil of ignorance/maximin principle

In A Theory of Justice, John Rawls argues that a just society is one that is based on principles of justice determined using a fair procedure. Rawls argues that in the original position, behind a veil of ignorance, we would choose two principles, the equality principle and the difference (maximin) principle. In your paper:
A) Explain what the original position is and what work the veil of ignorance is meant to do in Rawls’ text.
B) Explain the difference (maximin) principle as well as why Rawls thinks that we would arrive at this particular principle behind a veil of ignorance.
C) Consider a possible objection to either Rawls’ veil of ignorance or to the particular principle that Rawls’ arrives at. What are the stakes of the objection?

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