PJM 6025 W6 MS project Earned Value Sheet

For this assignment, you will be updating an MS Project file with actual performance data so that you are able to gather the data needed for a performance evaluation.
For this MS Project Assignment, you will be inputting actual project performance information from an Excel spreadsheet into MS Project and interpreting the results. NOTE: all files needed to complete this assignment are provided with the assignment:
“Actual Project Performance Updates.xls” contains a project WBS, project tasks, planned duration, and actual duration for a residential renovation project
“Module 6 MS Project Assignment Template.mpp” is a MS Project file already populated with the same WBS, tasks, and planned duration as the “Actual Project Performance Updates.xls” file
“Module 6 Earned Value Worksheet.xls” is a spreadsheet template that will allow you to calculate earned value data for the project. You will need this data to complete the second assignment for this week: a project performance status presentation.
For this assignment, you will need to submit both your updated MS Project file and your Earned Value Worksheet Excel document.

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