please select one of the two subjects to discuss. Among the tools (e.g. graphics tools…

please select one of the two subjects to discuss. Among the tools (e.g., graphics tools, knowledge-based tools, etc.) that the author discussed in the textbook, determine the type of tool that you would use for process improvement framework. Next, determine the type of tool you would use for problem solving framework. Justify your response. Use the Internet or Strayer Library to research articles on process improvement and problem solving tools. Select one (1) business project that used one of the tools discussed in the textbook. Evaluate level of the efficiency and effectiveness of the utilization of the tool within the project that you selected. Justify your response.

Text book Statistical Thinking: Improving Business Performance – 1 Year Option, 2nd Edition
Roger Hoerl, Ron D. Snee 350 words refs n cite with given book

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Knowledge-based Tools for Process Improvement and Problem Solving Frameworks

Process improvement involves a systematic identification, analysis and review of existing business process with the aim of achieving new business objectives. Processes are the backbone of all engagements that firms undertake to maintain their existence and growth. Therefore, a process improvement framework provides an organisational platform through …

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