Policy Memo – Letter to Governor Kemp

Instructions: A letter to the Governor of Georgia (Brian Kemp) advocating for or against the state’s adoption of post-conviction bail. Your position should be informed by the text of Chapter 8, John Oliver video, as well as the Maruna, et al. and Collateral Magazine articles (attachments and web links are listed below).
Collateral Magazine Article: https://www.aboutbail.com/articles/694/post-convic…
John Oliver YouTube Video:

1 (min)-2 (max) page(s) single-spaced Word file using 12 pt. Times New Roman font and 1-inch margins on all sides.
Go to the following WikiHow page for guidance on how to format a Letter to a Politician.
Address the letter to: Brian Kemp, Office of the Governor, 203 Capitol PL, Atlanta, GA 30334
The letter should clearly state your support or opposition to the adoption of the model post-conviction bond legislation presented in the Collateral Magazine article.
Be sure to justify your sentiments using the information provided in Chapter 8 PPT and the Maruna, et al. article.
Include proper APA in-text citations when referring to course readings or other sources in your discussion (e.g. “This study found…(Hinkle

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