process writing

Remember that a good essay has a strong, clear, focused thesis statement. Is your thesis clear, specific, focused? In the last unit we worked on Developing Ideas. Are you adding information/developing your ideas in each body paragraph? Now, we are working on using and integrating sources and the Process Write will build on that work.
1. Identify the Thesis Statement. Does it need revision? How/why would you revise the thesis?
2. Identify how “body” paragraphs number 1, 2, and 3 DEVELOP the thesis. Be specific. Highlight or underline the specific sentences that provide information and develop the thesis. Body paragraphs are NOT the introduction.
3. Do you integrate your quotations/references smoothly into your prose? Do you comment on your quotations/references?
4. Write down each area that you think you might revise AND explain WHY you think it needs revision AND state HOW you will revise it

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