program is to take a collection of rectangles and display them on a canvas

Write the following Python program in a Python class named
The goal of this program is to take a collection of rectangles and display them on a canvas so that none of the rectangles overlap with each other. To accomplish this task, your program will define several methods and classes. Note: parameters and return values must be in the order they are listed in the assignment manual A class CustomCanvas CustomCanvas will have a constructor which takes two explicit arguments, height and width, which are expected to be of type int. The constructor will create and display a new Canvas object with the height and width provided. To do this, you will use Canvas, a built-in object defined in the python package tkinter. Documentation for the Canvas class can be found here:… A class Rectangle Rectangle will have a constructor which takes four explicit parameters, height, width, x, and y. All four arguments are expected to be of type int. x and y represent the origin point of the given rectangle. The origin point will be the upper left corner. Parameters x and y should have default values of zero. The values received as parameters should be stored in instance variables of the same name. A function pack The pack function will have two parameters, allRect and canvasSize. allRect will be a list of Rectangle objects and canvasSize a tuple containing a canvas’ height and width (in that order). pack will take the given list of rectangles and determine a location for each rectangle so that each rectangle does not overlap another and each rectangle exists within the given canvas size. pack will then return a list of placed Rectangle objects. Each given rectangle must be included in the returned list. (Note: Each given rectangle is referring to the logical concept of the rectangle shape not the specific Rectangle object. Two Rectangle objects are logically equivalent if they have the same height and width. When generating the list of Rectangles to return, you can modify the given Rectangle objects or create new, but logically equivalent, Rectangle objects)

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