Project Communications & Risk Management

The briefing to Sam and Gloria went well. They were still concerned about both the schedule and the costs of the project. Gloria asked, “Do you have a risk list that we can examine to make sure you have thought about all of the possible things that still could go wrong? But I am still excited about this new opportunity. Can you also give some thought to the positive elements of the project that we should take steps to exploit?

“I will approve the project budget, but to ensure everyone is on the same page and that project risks are managed properly, we need to see a simple project communication plan and a risk register. We need to understand your approach better going forward,” says Gloria.

Jim turns to you, handing you a template for both the risk register and the communications plan. “You have done such an excellent job throughout this entire project. Would you be willing to complete these plans?”

“Of course.” you say.

“Because of the leadership behavior you have displayed over the past few months, we would like you to take over Jim’s position as the new project manager,” says Sam to you.


For your communications management plan, please use the Communication Plan template. You need to account for all communication types with your stakeholder. Please follow the instructions in the Communication Plan template 

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