Public health – HLTH 325 (Case study 5)

Case Study’s Critique #5
Using the Cases Studies of the Part II – section of the textbook, each student will use one of these case studies (that apply the main concepts related to public health practice) to prepare a reaction paper of the content of the case study; this reaction should not be the same –verbatim of the case as it is in the book).For help finding the Case Studies section in the book, go to the index, and then, it tells you on what pages are these cases located. The first case study is, “History of Public Health in Chicago,” and this is the topic of the first critique. The critique needs to be complemented (or, supported) with a related peer review journal article that can be found at the SCSU Library at SCSU library website or, the full address at
Some of the articles used to complement the critique can be those listed at the end of the respective case study. All articles used for the critique need to be current (2017-22) publications from scientific peer reviewed journals; or, readings from CDC articles listed in the references found at the end of each case study. No articles from popular magazines, web sites, or, newspapers can be used. We will use 6 of the case studies found in the textbook.
The critique should be typed double-space in no more than three pages, with In-text citations, and the respective reference (s) in APA style, which is the writing style for the social sciences (and public health belongs to this category); and if you do not follow all of the APA style guidelines, I expect that at a minimum, you provide In text citations in your body of text, and the list of references. For help with the APA style of writing, visit the following page available at the SCSU library website: Direct Link or, general link at Look for the title ‘Citation styles and RefWorks’
When writing the critique, start by stating the title and number of the case summary for which you are writing the critique. Then, provide a brief summary of what the case study is all about (please don’t copy the exact words from the book content); in the summary, include the main points of the case study; and use (integrate) the additional required article to enhance, or, support, the content of your reaction to the case study.
After this summary, continue writing your reaction keeping in mind the following questions:
Your personal reaction (if has to be more than I agree/disagree with the content of the case study, it has to be a reflection of the content, and its implications/implications to the field of public health, or, to the public health profession).
How this case study relates to the class content, and specifically to what chapter, or, chapters in the book?
How this case study helps to explain, and get a better understanding of the work of public health?
How are you thinking on applying the content of the case study in your future career, or, while working with the community, or, a health care related program, institution?

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