RELB216 Ruth (Discussion Post)

Read the Book of Ruth carefully and try to find the answer to the following questions:
1.When was the book written?2.Do you think the book could have been written by a woman? Why or why not?3.Who is the main character of the Book of Ruth?4.How do you see Naomi? Does she really care about Ruth or is she only thinking about what is best for herself? Why would you say so?5.How does Ruth interpret Boaz kindness and how is it understood by Naomi? Does Ruth know that Boaz is interested in her?6.What do you think happened during the night at the threshing floor? Did they have sex? What role does this event play in the larger narrative?7.Why isn’t baby Obed listed as the son of Mahlon? Wasn’t that the whole point with Levirate marriage?8.What do you think is the main purpose of the Book? Explain?