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In this scenario, I would overlook her violation. I would show her leniency and would find other resources that would help her cope with stress. Rather than filing a violation report, I would prioritize rehabilitation without taking her away from her kids and her job that supports her and her children. I would prioritize the needs of the mother and children over punishing her for the violation.
The ethical system that informs my decision is ethics of care. Ethics of care focuses more on the needs of a person rather than rules or guidelines (Pollock, 2019). In addition, ethics of care is not concerned with reattributing people or enforcing punishment (Pollock, 2019). The goal of this ethical system is to meet the needs of all concerned and gently help them (Pollock, 2019). Ethics of care aligns with peace-making justice, promotes empathy and mindfulness, and shows mercy and compassion (Pollock, 2019). The concept of peacemaking justice aligns with ethics of care because it suggests that we are all connected, it is our natural instinct to care for each other, and we are aware of others in personal decision-making (Pollock, 2019). Furthermore, ethics of care would not support encouraging the single mom’s drug use but would support considering why the single mom chose to use drugs and finding a resolution that would help her in the future (Pollock, 2019). Ethics of care supports the idea that caring for someone stems from a natural-born instinct that could be compared to caring for a child, the poor, or the sick (Pollock, 2019). This instinct is based on emotion and compassion (Pollock, 2019).The type of probation officer I am is the welfare/therapeutic worker. I am aware of all of the single mom’s struggles and am aware of her personal and professional life. I know that her son has autism, and he has an attachment to her. I also know she has five children, is a single mom, and does what she needs to do to provide for her children. All of these factors played a role in the way I approached my decision. A welfare/therapeutic worker attempts to counsel their client and aid in helping them effectively rehabilitate (Pollock, 2019). A welfare/therapeutic worker may come across as intrusive, however, the goal behind the intrusion is to understand the situation and help (Pollock, 2019). I decided to invest in knowing personal aspects of the single mother’s life to find an appropriate response to her violation. In this case, these details helped me understand that the best way to care for her was to provide her help and show her mercy and compassion without filing a violation report.
Pollock, J. M. (2019). Ethical dilemmas and decisions in criminal justice, 10thedition. Boston, MA: Cengage.

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