set of interview questions

I wrote the questions and my answers. I would like you to revise the answers professionally. If you have better answers than them, I would be grateful to you.
1- Did you make any mistake in your previous work and how did you behave?
(I would like to answer that mistakes are coming. I don’t currently remember any mistake I made, but we are human beings who always make mistakes, but what matters is admitting the mistake and looking for solutions to it)
2- What would you add to our departments or why would we choose you?
(I have a high value in commitment to work as well as concern for the quality of work)
3- Has a client ever been angry with you and how did you deal with him?
(I do everything I can to explain to him the procedures and regulations, and I try to calm him down, and if I can’t, I refer him to the manager)
4- How do you do multiple tasks at the same time?
(Always pay attention to time management and organize tasks according to priority)
5- Why did you apply for this job? What will this job add to you? Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

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