Task 6 Course Project Final Submission 1 answer below »

Please have Carlos Holmes as my expert, Carlos has been my expert on this on-going 6 week assignment and understands the subject matter (Apple Inc.) and all the components and content of the assignment.

Throughout this course, you have been developing an analysis of the different facets of a firm (Apple Inc.) you chose in Week 1. This week you will pull all of these elements together, including strategic leadership. This is a critical exercise. Although we broke up the topics we studied about corporate management into manageable chunks, remember that in reality business firms function and compete as integrated wholes. The various elements of corporate strategy we discussed and analyzed create value for shareholders when they complement one another. In particular, the logic of corporate strategy in general must be satisfied by particular firms corporate strategies. Develop an integrated analysis of the corporate strategy of the firm you have selected. Include in your report an executive summary; Analyze the corporate strategy, integrate an analysis of all components of corporate strategy, evaluate implementation of corporate strategy, and lastly Formulate conclusions and recommendations in the report.

Present your analysis as a 4 to 5-page report in a Word document formatted in APA style. Cite sources in APA format on a separate page.

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