to build the adjacency list for a directed and undirected graph from graph file

Write a C program, problem1.c, to build the adjacency list for a directed and undirected graph (the program should handle both) from a graph file and run either a breadth-first search or a depth-first search on the graph.
a. Graph file format (you may presume the file is correct)
i. Number of vertices
ii. Flag for an undirected (0) or directed (1) graph
iii. Vertex character labels (consecutive letters starting with A and going through Z)
iv. List of edges and weights
v. Example 1. 6
2. 0
3. A B C D E F
4. A B 7
5. A C 6
6. A D 1
7. B C 8
8. C D 5
9. C E 3
10. D E 4
11. D F 5
12. E F 2
b. Build a dynamically allocated adjacency list to store the graph. Print the adjacency list out. Output should be similar to:
i. Adjacency List:
ii. Number of Vertices: 6
iii. A: (B,7) -> (C,6) -> (D,1) -> (nil)
iv. B: (A,7) -> (C,8) -> (nil)
v. C: (A,6) -> (B,8) -> (D,5) -> (E,3) -> (nil)
vi. D: (A,1) -> (C,5) -> (E,4) -> (F,5) -> (nil)
vii. E: (C,3) -> (D,4) -> (F,2) -> (nil)
viii. F: (D,5) -> (E,2) -> (nil)
C. Implement either the breadth first search or the depth first search from the chapter 13 lecture slides. Run the chosen search on at least two vertices. Output should be similar to:
i. Breadth-First Search Results:
ii. Q: A B C D E F
iii. O: A A A C D
v. Breadth-First Search Results:
vi. Q: C A B D E F
vii. O: C C C C D
ix. Depth-First Search Results:
x. V: A D F E C B
xii. Depth-First Search Results:
xiii. V: C E F D B A
d. Hints:
i. use a define macro constant at the top for the filename (the use of graph.txt would be appreciated)
ii. utilize a head and rear pointer for each vertex list in the adjacency list
e. The main function should be a driver to call other functions to perform the required tasks.
f. No global variables should be used but define macro constants and typedef’s may be used.
g. Report: In the comments at the end of the program, give the following information:
i. Team Member Names
1. For each team member, detail the work on the program concerning specific work, test cases, and code and functions designed, implemented, and modified, such as
a. Name
i. void build_adj (char filename[], adj_list_t *); – designed/implemented/modified
ii. created graph file test cases
iii. …
2. A grade penalty of up to 25% of the total assignment points, which will be in addition to any other penalties, may be considered if inequitable contributions are made, not enough detail is present to be convincing, and/or all team members have the same list; i.e., all team members allegedly did the same thing (if both team members do the same thing – one team member is not needed).
ii. Test Cases and Status
1. Undirected graph file – passed/failed
2. Directed graph file – passed/failed
3. …
iii. Graph Analysis
1. Big O of building the adjacency list in terms of number of vertices V and edges E
2. Big O of the storage requirements for the adjacency list
3. Big O of the storage needs for the breadth or depth first search as given in the chapter 13 lecture slides.

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