two part question

The Teacher Does a Good Deed for Terry
Terry Jones, a black student, has complained to the principal that his social studies teacher calls on him all the time. “She seems to know when I don’t know the answer and she calls on me just to embarrass me in front of the white students,” according to Terry.
The teacher admits to the principal that she did call upon Terry more than the rest of the students, but that her intention was not to embarrass him. She insists she was trying to help him. She was paying more attention to Terry because she felt he needed it. He was the only black student in her class and she was attempting to go out of her way to help Terry so he could be successful.
What is the problem?
How could the problem have been prevented?
What does the situation say about teacher–student communication?
The Teacher Does a Good Deed for Yer Vang
Yer Vang, a Hmong student, complained that her social studies teacher never called upon her in class. She told the principal, “I know the answers, but the teacher won’t call upon me because he doesn’t want me to show up the white students.”
The teacher admits that he didn’t call upon Yer too often, but the reason was that he didn’t want her to be embarrassed in front of the other students. “I know how lonely she must feel as the only Hmong student in class,” he explained, “so I don’t want to put any more pressure on her than I need to. And since this is an accelerated class, I was trying to be sensitive to the fact that it could be terribly embarrassing for her if I did call on her and she didn’t know the answer. I just didn’t want to put her in that position.”
What is the problem?
How would you have handled the problem differently?
What does the situation say about teachers being extra sensitive or insensitive?

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