Week 8 Phil101

Good afternoon, Joseph!
After reading your initial post (as well as the response you left on mine), I completely understand what you are saying regarding Socrates’ reasons to not escape. While reading your text on how Socrates did not want to ruin his reputation, it dawned on me that this reasoning in itself is not selflessly moral. Instead, it is a self serving action. This brings me to my next point: do we make correct decisions because they are morally sound or because we feel like we need to? Or, taking it one step further, to try to gain the affection of those we view as influential figures?
Whenever I look at military (or any) awards, I find myself resenting when people volunteer or do extra acts of service just to look good for an awards package, promotion, or leadership in general. While that is not the exact same scenario, I think the undertone and intent remains the same. It should also be noted that I am not claiming this was Socrates’ intention, but I think it is worth examining when reading about his testimony and decisions
Happy last week of class!
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