Week 8 Phil110

Greetings, fellow students and Dr wells. This week, we reflect on how critical thinking will affect our jobs and lives moving forward from this class. The Air Force was my first adult job. During my military career, I often had to think on the fly. When making rapid decisions, you still evaluate the inputs at hand. This class reinforces the fact that we must examine and evaluate as many data sources as possible before making a decision or winning an argument. I enjoyed the Venn Diagram chapter. The Venn is a great way to visualize an issue or statement.
I was surprised to see so many types of fallacies; when I see commercials, I find myself categorizing them. Critical thinking seems to me to be based on a logical progression from gathering facts to reaching conclusions. As my younger fellow students progress, they will discover that critical thinking is used throughout their careers.
One secret I would like to share with the class is reverse engineering. Reverse engineering feels logical and presents the challenges in order of impact after the action; you could say the process is result-driven. I often find solutions by starting at the desired result and then working backward to develop the action plan that gets me and my business the desired result.
Good luck, everyone I hope to see some of you in future classes

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