Write moral arguments based on a short video

First, watch the video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vCBdjd96_Y
Then, in 300~400 words, write a moral argument, structured as described in the video above. The topic and claim can be anything you choose, and it can draw on any of the readings we’ve read in this course. Your memo should be a paragraph that has:
One main premise,
One to two supporting premises that bolster the main premise,
One or two premises relating the main premise to the conclusion, and
One moral view that serves as your conclusion.
A few tips:
Do not try to summarize the section (much less the chapter!). Just answer the question posed.
Assume your audience has read the chapter and understands it already.
Do not under-think the question. It is a straightforward question, and I am not trying to hide anything. But it requires a bit of thinking to pin down the answer.

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