“Writing Drafts” (Discussion

As we wrap up the semester and reflect on our writing, it’s important to consider our writing process.
When we discuss writing process, we are referring to the steps you take when you want to write something and write it well. We all have a way of getting ready to write, a process that we follow, even if we don’t always follow that process. Reflect back: The last time you got a really good grade on a writing assignment or felt really proud of your work, what did you do before, during and after? The last time you got a bad grade or did not feel proud of your work, what did you do differently?
To complete this discussion board, follow the 4 steps below. The aim of this assignment is for you to a) prove that you read the original text and b) discuss your own personal writing process with evidence.
Step 1Carefully read “Writing Drafts” (Links to an external site.) by Richard Marius on pages 31-34 of this document. As you read, think about how different or similar Marius’s writing process is from your own.
Step 2After you read, pick 4 tips or claims from the text to write about; each one should be something that describes your own process or that is very different from your personal writing process. For each one:
Clearly state what Marius suggests and what you think he means by that.
Then, discuss whether or not this is something that you think is true for you, too.
Support your claim with personal evidence. If that claim is how you write, too, discuss specific examples of when you have done this. If it is not how you write, what do you differently?
Step 3Make one claim of your own that is not discussed by Marius. What is one thing that you usually do when you are working on (or preparing to work on) a project or writing assignment? Explain why this works for you. Try to frame it the way that Marius does in his document as a “tip” for others. (Remember, your claim should be your own; it should not be something that Marius suggests in his document.)
Step 4Comment on 2 of your classmates’ posts. You can:
comment on someone’s personal claim (the 5th claim) and see if it’s similar or different to your own.
comment on a post who picked a tip from the reading that you didn’t notice or that you disagree with.
Your comment should be at least 100 words.

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