Writing Logically, Thinking Critically, Chapter

Identify each part of the following MLA styled annotation. Be sure to read the section of our text A Writer’s Reference on writing an annotated bibliography first and to study the sample MLA annotation there.
1. __________ [MLA style citation with hanging indent and paragraph indented underneath in the style of MLA annotation]
2. __________ [Summary: Big idea followed by major subpoints with perhaps a few relevant details, to give flavor or further understanding of main points]
3. __________ [Statement concerning writer’s bias, credibility, and/or qualifications.]
4. __________ [Statement about the use to writer of this research]
Label Choices: Yellow Purple Blue Grey Green
5. What do you notice about the subjects of the sentences in the summary section of the annotation?

#2 Standard form:
Identify the conclusion (it will be the topic sentence) and premises in the following paragraph. Write in standard form.
Although it is a controversial proposition, legalizing drugs has many advantages. First of all, it will free the now overburdened legal system to do its job dispensing justice. Cases will be processed with greater speed because the system will not be overwhelmed with drug cases. With the legalization of drugs, violent drug-related crimes will decrease. As a result, prisons will be less crowded, which in turn will allow serious offenders to serve longer terms Legalizing drugs will free law enforcement officials to combat other serious crimes more effectively. With the money saved from law enforcement and legal procedures, a more effective campaign of educating the public on the maladies of drugs can be mounted, and more money will be available for the rehabilitation of drug addicts. Finally, by legalizing drugs, we can slow down the spread of AIDS among HIV drug users, who will be able to get clean needles and not have to share with other drug addicts, many of whom are infected with the AIDS virus. The positive results of legalizing drugs definitely outweigh the negative consequences.

Complete the following sets by supplying the missing element. Read the chapter and study it first! Remember that a strong thesis has an argumentative edge.
1. Issue: ___________________________________________________
Question at Issue: Should the federal government ban the use of handheld electronic devices by drivers?
Thesis: For the safety of all drivers, the federal government should ban handheld electronic devices by drivers.
2. Issue: Fuel economy standards.
Question at Issue: Should the government have the right to set fuel economy standards for American automakers?
Thesis: __________________________________________________
3. Issue: Genetic engineering of crops.
Question at Issue: ________________________________________
Thesis: The genetic engineering of crops should continue to have the support of our government and farmers.
4. Issue: Teaching evolution in high school biology classes.
Question at Issue: Should evolution be a required component of high school biology classes?
Thesis 1: ________________________________________________
Thesis 2: ________________________________________________

Identify the counterargument and the refutation in the following paragraph by highlighting the sections in the appropriate color. You should be able to copy the text to the answer box and then block and highlight.
Some say death and suffering are in keeping with God’s universal plan for humanity. The dying process, no matter how long or how agonizing, has both spiritual and moral purpose functioning to prepare people for the painless eternity of heaven. To believe this argument though, one must believe there is life after death and many do not. So why can’t people live and die in accordance with their own belief system? Let both the religious and secular have some control of their own destiny: give those who choose to die that alternative, while honoring the belief of those who do not.

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