case study #3 TD Canada

Review the case, TD Canada Trust (A)After reviewing the case, prepare responses to the following questions:From a customer perspective – how could TD Canada reduce the general hostility toward mergers as a preemptive move?TD Canada made a promise that their customers would experience unparalleled levels of customer service. Is this necessary? What level of service is adequate, what level is desired, what level is too much from a profit perspective and how would you know and acquire this information?Was the “Banking can be this comfortable” with the green chair – a campaign that would would run? What alternatives – given the attitudes about mergers, etc. – would you suggest that might have been a better approach?After a big merger when customers are uneasy and don’t know what to expect (given just a one year promise on costs and service) and given that you know employee satisfaction is linked to customer satisfaction – what type of incentive program(s) would you suggest? This should not be based solely on CSI data.Submit your answer via this dropbox by Sunday at 11:59 p.m.