Hawaii culture

Read one article and listen to the music
Please number and name each of the 5 components of your post (e.g. 1. Text-to-text Reflection:…, 2. Text-to-self Reflection, etc.)

Make each of the 5 components in your post 60-100 words each in length. Except for part 4. Total 300-500

For EACH set of assigned texts/media, your post should contain the following 5 components:
Provide 1 text-to-text reflection that discusses relationships between assigned texts and music for that week.
Provide 1 text-to-self reflection that connects the text/media to your own life (especially your educational experiences as a student and/or educator).
Provide 1 text-to-world reflection that explores connections between the text/media and the larger world.
Propose 1 discussion question based on your own takeaways from the text/media;
Provide textual evidence motivating your question (i.e., a brief quote, including page number). NOTE: If media, such as music/video, mark the timestamp associated with your quote
music link: coconut by Punahele