Chapter 10- Voices of Freedom:

From Voices of Freedom, please choose ONE document from the assigned chapter and explain its significance. The objective of this assignment is to analyze change throughout history, to critically discuss the transformation or the solidification of a particular perspective. Your submission must be minimum 200 words, with specific details of your claim.
Some themes you could discuss (but not limited to):
LibertyImmigrationIndustrializationFreedomWomenSlaveryNative AmericanFor example: Chapter 1 Post: Choose one document.
Doc. # 1 Adam Smith “The Results of Colonization” (1776)
In minimum 200-words, discuss how Adam Smith sees colonization (with specific details and citations) and elaborate on how such perspective impacted history. See Rubric for further details and expectations
Each submission needs to be answered:
-Minimum 200 words (title of document do not count towards the word count)
-Do not use quotes
-Follow the Format
-Only use past tense
-Do not use first or second person tense (no I, you, we, us)
-Do not use contractions (no it’s, isn’t didn’t etc)
-Mind your Capitalization
-Proof read
-No Repetition
-No Jargon
-Due by 11:59 pm (12 midnight is too late)
-Posts are worth 10 points. (no credit will be given if the word count is not met)
These assignments will help your critical thinking skills and your writing skills.
All assignments MUST be original work!

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