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There are over 376 million new cases of Sexually Transmitted Infections every single year….. The most severe STI is HIV. The stigma is still as bad as it ever was even though treatment has changed radically. Watch this Ted Talk by Arik Hartmann (Links to an external site.) and reflect on his presentation. If you had any misconceptions about HIV before watching this video, and learned something new, please share and comment on at least 1 of your classmates posts for full credit!
Juan HinojosaYesterdayApr 6 at 9:31pmManage Discussion Entry
One thing I learned about while watching the ted talk by Arik Hartmann was that many people in 1980’s and 1990’s thought that gay people had something to do with the new discover (at the time) of HIV/Aids. He stated in the video that in 1984 the national Republican National Convention one of the speakers “joked” around and said that gay stood for ” got aids yet?”. I never knew that people would assume that HIV somehow came from gay people, which is very sad because if someone that wasn’t gay and got HIV they would be the first to blame and no one would believe them it would be a one sided story.

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