It 520 Walsh college

Outcomes, and ReadingsURL
Lecture: Technology and the Changing LandscapeURL
Lecture: Digital Darwinism and Connected ConsumerismURL
Lecture: Digital Transformation and Disruptive InnovationURL
Lecture: Using IT and IS to Achieve Organizational GoalsURL
Lecture: Executive Leadership in TechnologyURL
Lecture: Organizational Infrastructure
Lecture: Capability Maturity ModelsURL
Lecture: Technology Sourcing ModelsURL
Lecture: Encouraging InnovationURL
Lecture: Technology and the Strategic PlanURL
Lecture: A Look at Ethics and Social Responsibility in ITURL
Lecture: IT GovernanceURL
Lecture: Strategic Planning ToolsURL
Lecture: Portfolios, Programs, and Projects

I want to finish it by Sunday 10
Question:50Time 2hrs I can help with the class related material.

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