Legislator discussion

Why is it hard for Congress to pass laws? Should the system be streamlined? Why or why not? Generally speaking, is it better to makes laws quickly or slowly?
Your first (original/initial) post needs to be at least 400 words and your response needs to be at least 200 words.You should have two peer responses. Your posts should be written in your own words, and reflect you understanding of the course materials. When writing your posts, your argument should be written clearly and fully enough so that it makes sense even if someone has not read the exact question you are answering.
Please make sure that you are directly addressing the specific questions asked in the prompt—and using course information in your posts. Your initial post should be fundamentally based upon your understanding of the information in the course materials—how has what you’ve learned in the chapters in that specific unit help you answer the questions asked in that specific prompt? The discussion board is also a place for you to express your own opinion, but it should be an informed opinion, and one supported by properly cited evidence. It is very important that you are including citations within your post indicating where you found the information, including information from the textbook.
Your posts should also be written in the form of an essay, and not as separate answers to each part of the prompt. You do not need to do any research or include any information outside of the course materials. Any outside information used should only be a supplement to the course materials–not as a replacement for using course materials in your posts. However, if you do use outside material, please make sure that you are using proper citations to indicate where you found the information.

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