reading notes

WhitenessFrom the DiAngelo chapters from White Fragility, think and write about these new ideas. Identify 3 facts/quotes/sections that were especially interesting to you. Clearly quote or explain the specific information.
Then, write quite a few sentences for each about why this interested you, or what you are thinking about this information, or how it challenges or reaffirms ideas you already hold, or how it makes you uncomfortable, or how it connects with other course content this semester.
The response should show evidence of having listened to and understood the concepts, viewpoints, research.

DisabilityThe readings here are optional. But after watching the Disability Presentation/PowerPoint/Lecture, write one key idea or new understanding about Disability Studies, Ableism, or DisCrit from the Presentation. Be sure to include a direct quote, and tell what or how this information changes your understanding of disability and special education.
Optional: If you read either of the 2 optional chapters on Disability, you can include ideas from those readings here.
See rubric for grading on syllabus or here: Rubric for Readings Notes and Discussions (Word Doc)

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