Statistics Survey Project

For the data survey project, you will address a question that interests you with the statistical methodology we learn in Statistics Ma-212-21SP2. You choose the question; you decide how to collect data; and you do the analyses. The questions can address almost any topic (It MUST be classroom appropriate.), including topics in economics, entertainment, psychology, sociology, natural science, medicine, public policy, sports, law, etc. Do NOT do a simple survey like what is your favorite ice cream flavor.
The project requires you to synthesize all the material from the course so far.
Your project will be presented in a Google Slides or some other presentation tool.
You must get a sample of at least 50 people. In other words, at least fifty people must complete your survey. Be sure to use the statistical methods that you have learned in class. There is no formal write-up of your project, i.e., no term paper is written. Also, include in your statistics that some people didn’t fill the survey. Each person must submit a project.
Presentation and Point Value
You must include each of the following on separate slides:
· Topic
· Question asked
· Link to actual survey submissions or screenshots of results on a couple of slides
· Define any terms if necessary.
· State what you want to find out.
· Describe exactly how you are surveying the individuals and what is your population. (1 pt.)
· Survey with the question(s) you are asking people. (1 pt.)
· State how you obtained your sample. What sampling method did you use? Explain if you used a random sample and why not if you did not. How can you change the survey results (2 pts.)
· Present relevant descriptive statistics. (2 pts.)
· Results of the survey in chart and graph form. (1 pt.)
· Find the mean, median, mode, midrange, range, and standard deviation. (2 pts.)
· Summarize your results in words. (2 pts.)
All Materials :

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