Reading with question

**Important: Please do not use outside sources for this assignment. Only use the texts provided. The use of outside sources will result in a zero for the assignment**
Read the background for the Harlem Renaissance, the poems assigned to you, and the biographies for those poets. (, then analyze “Let America be America Again” and “Harlem Dancer”. Which will be in the files below.
Then, write a 500-word response to the poems. Make sure to discuss the following for each poem:
1. Connect the poems to other texts we have read with specific examples 2. Analysis – Focus on specific parts of the poem (your choice). What do these parts mean? How are they important to the poem as a whole?3. Interpretation – What universal ideas does the poem address? What does the poem mean? Why did the author write it? 4. Create two open-ended questions for each poem (four total). One should be narrowly focused; the other should be about the poem as a whole.

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