Research Project

This project is designed to expand your knowledge of the different CRM products and service providers available on the market today. You will use the “CRM Exploration Project Template” attached below
You will research two (2) of the 2021 CRM Market Leaders from 2 different categories (refer to the article (Links to an external site.)). The template (link above) contains the information you will need to gather and research. Be sure to use the article by CRM Magazine as well as any of the materials on each company’s website. Include (2) lessons you learned that you did not know before completing this project.
Submit the completed project template in Word (be sure to save it to your computer). Fill it out as you make progress on your research. Check the syllabus for company name submission and final template due date. Note the companies included in the template are only meant as samples. Be sure to remove the template example information and replace it with your new research.
GuidelinesGo beyond the material in the CRM Magazine publication. You must visit each company’s website and dig into each company. Be open to calling the companies for information, use a chat feature, Google, forums, or other resources. Not all the information may be available on the company website.
There are 50 companies. A class announcement will be available in Week 7 with a link to a Google sheet that will list the available/taken companies. Choose two companies to research for the project. Look for your name in Google sheets.
Companies must be selected by Week 10 – Sunday 11:59 PM.
This is a professional paper so use proper spelling, grammar, and formatting. Include your name in the cover sheet. Professional formatting will be part of your grade. If you use websites and resources beyond the company website, please footnote the sources. In Word, you can ‘insert’ a footnote.
Note the customers of these two (2) CRM providers are businesses. Use business examples for the customers who have used the products/services.
This project is about understanding how each product/service can solve business problems. It’s not about providing a lot of technical specifications. Use critical thinking to ask yourself why a customer would want to buy each company’s products or services. Consider:The problems the business customer wants to solve
The results the business customer wants to achieve
The costs involved

Make sure the information you provide is relevant to the category you choose. For example, if your company is Adobe and your category is Customer Data Platforms, information on the Creative Suite may not be relevant

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